Sunday, April 13, 2008

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Late last week, two girls abruptly quit my summer soccer team. Good riddance, ladies. Enjoy your time in the Over-30 league.

My team - which I am helping run this year - was already a few girls short of a well-stocked team. Instead of looking for two girls, we're now looking for four. It is really hard to have a small team. We play in the summertime, which means we need a good deal of substitutes due to the heat and we always have a few girls missing because of a vacation or whatnot.

I've spent the last few days racking my brain for girls to add to our team. I have bothered Meg to ask any and all friends who play soccer. I been shooting emails back and forth with the team manager, throwing out names with abandon. We're making a little bit of progress, with a few girls on our "we'll ask, at the last minute, if we have no other choice" list.

This morning, my mom mentioned a high school teammate we had run into at our gym. My old teammate and I had exchanged phone numbers - she thought she might need me as a sub on her indoor soccer team - and I had completely forgot about it. Looking in my phone confirmed that, yes, I was in possession of her number.

I was, of course, more than slightly nervous to contact her. I am not a big fan of the phone. The girl and I haven't been close for eight years. And I hate rejection.

So I sent her a text message. After composing it in my head for a good hour.

Just short of committing, she said that she was interested in joining the team.

Heather (who I also played high school soccer with) emailed me later in the day. She, knowing about our team's personnel woes, contacted another former teammate of ours. She, too, is interested in joining our team.

Meg found us a player, too. One of her high school teammates.

I am a little in love with the nostalgia that this stirs up.

I will be more in love with it if it brings us some wins.


Accidentally Me said...

Craig's List. A guy I work with needed girls for a softball team and found a couple really quick that works for everything. It's magic!!!

A said...

So funny that you say that - our manager posted at Craig's List just on Friday! I don't know if she's heard anything or not. The tricky thing about Craig's List is that we don't know the skill level of the girls we would be taking on...and our league is at a fairly high level.

Stace said...

I think I'd be scared of Craig's List. . .but that's just me. It seems as though the team is coming together. :)

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