Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fueled by coffee

I had a coffee at 7:00 tonight. I know better! Since laying off the juice, I've hardly had it at all. And, every time I have indulged in a cup of coffee, I have been rewarded with a killer caffeine buzz. Tonight? Not an exception.

I had coffee because it has been a crazy week. Work has been terribly busy. Little to no time to do important things like balance my checkbook, read blogs, shop online for a graduation gift for Meg or read Perez Hilton. It is a sad state of affairs.

In addition to the work, there's the schoolwork. Oh, the schoolwork. It clearly is the end of the semester. Presentations, 2. Term papers, 1. Take-home exams, 1. Crap upon crap upon crap. And I don't feel like doing any of it.

I opened up my take-home final on Tuesday night and was shocked at how long it was. I could've sworn that when I originally read the assignment we only had to choose a handful of these 43 terms to define. And I really thought the short essay portion required two responses, not three.

I've been working on this damn take-home final all week.

And totally neglecting the presentation that my group may have to give on Saturday. Half of the groups go the first week, half of the group goes the second week. I'll go to class on Saturday prepared. And I will spend class praying that we can slide under the radar until the next week.

I shouldn't worry quite so much. Of the 60 points worth of work my professor has graded so far, I have 59 points.

And this coffee is going to keep me up all damn night. There's plenty to time to chase perfection. Even if it isn't on company time.


Stace said...

Why is it that coffee has never done that to me? Am I drinking the wrong kind? Not putting the "good" stuff in it? Either way good luck on all your end of semester crap I kinda feel overwhelmed too.

my life is brilliant said...

I think you should reward yourself when you're finished with all this stuff. You earned it!

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