Friday, April 25, 2008

Bar none

I cannot believe that it is Friday and here I am, finally getting around to writing about last weekend. I had a very busy week, wallowing in self-pity, finishing off my last class of the semester, reuniting with Grey's Anatomy and watching a bit of playoff hockey.

Anyway. Here is what I did this weekend: went to the same bar, three nights in a row.

I cannot recall a time that I have been out three nights in a row. And the same bar? Unheard of.

This bar is just a few blocks from my apartment. The food is fantastic. The prices are reasonable. The vibe is chill. And I can drink as much as I want and walk home. [That, my friends, is uncommon in this automotive-centered region. We drive everywhere.]

On Friday night, I went out with my soccer team. Dinner and drinks. Nothing too wild, but fun was had and memories were made.

On Saturday night, Colleen came out with Anna and me. It was Anna's 23rd birthday. To celebrate, we ate chips and salsa and drank too much. I went to sleep with Anna and Colleen watching Dan in Real Life, drunk, in our living room. I woke up with Colleen in my bed. The entire evening was blissful.

Sunday did not bring me so much bliss. Aviva called. She was home for Passover and wanted to see me before she left. I had commitments galore, but I promised that I would try to squeeze her in after Anna's birthday party. At 9:30 on Sunday night, I am making the journey downtown to meet her at a damn casino. And then I get there, send her a text message to find out where she is.

And she is at a different casino.

Change of plans!

I was so pissed.

Eventually, Aviva met me at my new favorite bar. By the time she got there, it was 11:45 pm. And I had to suck up the little energy that I had and pretend to be excited to see her. And really? I wasn't. Not so much. Not after that debacle.

But I put on a smile and faked it. Because that is what I do.

And also because I was at my new favorite bar.


Stace said...

Yeah for new bars, yeah for going out and eating chips and salsa, MY FAVE! Yeah for a great weekend. I'm beginning to think our lives are one in the same. :)

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