Sunday, April 20, 2008

Am best sister ever

Meg graduates from college on Saturday.

I simply cannot believe that it has been four years since she started school (and thus four years since I finished) - but that isn't the point of this.

The point of this is that I wanted to buy her a really awesome graduation present. When I finished school, she bought me the pink Kate Spade wallet that I'm still using.

I didn't want to buy her a wallet (too obvious) or a purse (bought her one for Christmas) or a diploma frame (wouldn't appreciate). I wanted to buy her something that she would use regularly. I wanted it to be something that she wouldn't buy herself.

Sunglasses. A pair that I don't have the attitude to pull off. But Meg can/does/will. She is so much sassier than I am.

And her new sunglasses will say it.


Accidentally Me said...

Love 'em! And she will definitley appreciate them slightly more than a diploma frame;-)

However, I was under the impression that I was, in fact, the officially designated "best big sister ever". There appears to be some confusion on that...

OC said...

Love them... on someone else! I'm with you and that I could never in a million years pull off frames like that. Good call on the gift though!

Unknown said...


s said...

so cute! awesome gift.

Unknown said...

OMG I LOVE them!!! you are definitely the BEST sister ever and so thoughtful.

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