Thursday, February 14, 2008


I take back all of the bad shit I said about my gym. The nice young gentleman working the front desk found my watch and my rings in thirty seconds. I considered making out with him right there. Instead, I decided just to tell him that he'd just made my Valentine's Day.

Other things that are making my Valentine's Day:
1. The boy who opened the door for me at the gym this morning. He was cute. He opened the door for me. We are getting married on March 1st.

2. I am going out with three of my absolutely favorite single girls in the world: my work BFF, my soccer BFF and my Colleen. We're having dinner/drinks and then we're going to see 27 Dresses.

3. The dish I brought to pass for our Valentine's Day lunch: caprese salad. Tomatoes! (Red!) Mozzarella! (White!) Deliciousness! [I loved all of your ideas, by the way, and will definitely use most/all at another time. My mind was pretty much made up for me when my mom came home from Costco and gave me frezh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes].

4. The mocha I bought at McDonald's on my way here. Am not in love (is ever so slightly bitter) but it is still a treat.

5. My yoga class was fantastic this morning. And I had enough time to run a quick mile and a half before class started.

Happy, happy V-Day, children. Behave yourselves. Smooch your loved ones. Eat a lot of candy. XOXOX


OC said...

Happy V-Day! Sorry about the double comment yesterday...

Your girls night sounds fantastic! Hope you have a great time!

Stace said...

yoga and then a mile and a half I do a mile and a half on a GOOD day geez to have your stamina. :)

my life is brilliant said...

Oh, I'm SO glad for you that you found your rings! Whew!

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