Monday, January 28, 2008

On being a skater

It took from the time I woke up (6:45 am) until I got to work (8:15 am) for me to realize why the right side of my ass hurt so badly. I took a nasty fall yesterday. Tripped up on a sequence of footwork. And down I went in a glorious, graceful fashion*.

It is just part of being a skater. Bruised ass, bruised ego. Brush off and move on.

Just a few weeks ago, I randomly decided that I should compete this spring. I haven’t skated in a competition since 2005 and for no apparent reason I was struck with the inspiration to reenter the competition circuit.

We’re now at six weeks until the competition and my coach and I are just finishing up a new program. Optimally, this program would’ve been completed a month or two ago and we would be spending this time polishing, perfecting and practicing. But I was the one who decided to do this at the very last minute so I really cannot blame anyone but myself.

Yesterday, my coach’s competitive juices were flowing. No, actually, her competitive juices were GUSHING. There is no other way to explain her sudden urge to take a single jump and turn it into a jump combination (basically, you’re doing a jump, landing and going right back up into another one without any steps or turns between) and then decide that it would be really awesome-like if you could just do one step and then launch into another jump combination. At the end of the program.

It will go something like this: Jump-Jump, step, Jump-Jump. All while I am at the end of my music and gasping for air. Cool. Great. Awesome.

I am looking forward to competing, though. I just want to put on a pretty dress and get out in front of the judges and kick a lot of ass.

*That glorious and graceful part is an enormous fabrication.


Anonymous said...

and because i have horrible vision, i thought the title was on being a "stalker"...and I was wondering what falling on your ass had to do with stalking.
and i watched some figure skating this weekend and instantly thought of you! hope you show us a pic of your outfit (is that what their called?) for your competition!!!

Stace said...

Oh wow I want to go ice skating. Although the falling on my ass part I'll leave to you. I'll just gripe the sides, thanks. :) Do you pay your coach I mean I know that's stupid but how long have you had her and not competited? Either way good luck, sounds like you'll be a busy little bee. :)

A said...

Oh, yes. I definitely pay her even though I'm not competing...she's still coaching me and I still take tests and whatnot. It never ends. It is a quite expensive pursuit, but I enjoy it. :)

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to this post!! I have a competition middle of February and my coach and I are still finishing 2 programs! It's a bit stressful, but it just makes me work that much harder! Good luck in your competition!!

Kate said...

Even from medical school I am reading about what's going on. Did I miss the sentence about what you sent to Colin in an email yet?

Sorry I haven't been commenting or posting but I am still here. I mainly use my blog so I have my favorite links!


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