Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Just out of the starting gate

I should be exhausted. I am 25 – which I think is still relatively young – and it is New Year’s Day. Any respectable 25-year-old goes out and has a raging good time on New Year’s Eve and pays for it on New Year’s Day.

I’m paying for something. But it isn’t for a wild New Year’s Eve.

I’m paying for doing too much. Doing too much is a very appropriate way to end 2007; it is how I spent my entire year.

I worked a full day yesterday. A full, busy day. We had a big event at work, with hundreds of busy people all up in my shit. But my sister was there, participating, and it made the day much more tolerable. She kept my mind off of the trivial annoyances, like how I spent the entire day on my feet, like how my boss randomly showed up even though she was supposed to be on vacation, like how I didn’t have time to eat a single thing.

Within an hour of getting home, Meg, two of her friends and I were heading off to the Red Wings game. Though the home team lost, we managed to have a good time. The seats were great, it was fun to watch the game with people who understood it well, and it felt heavenly to sit for three hours.

After the game, I went to Lucy’s house. Nothing exciting going on there, I’m afraid. We drank a bit of wine and told silly stories and interrupted ourselves to briefly celebrate the arrival of 2008. It was blissfully low key. I had no expectations. I could not be disappointed. That’s how I like it.

I left before 1:00 am, into a thick snowstorm. I didn’t go home. I went to the grocery store.

Not cool. And also not an option.

The Girls (minus April, who has officially quit the club) invited our families over to Lucy’s for a New Year’s Day brunch. And both of my contributions to the meal needed to sit in the refrigerator overnight.

So I went to the grocery store, dragged myself home, whipped up a baked French toast and an egg casserole and crawled into bed.

My legs were aching.

And they were still aching when I got up at 8:00 this morning.

And they ached all during our brunch (which, by the way, was fabulous and really fun).

And they ached when I retreated with my laptop and my new iPod Nano to Mom and Dad’s room.

They’re feeling better now that I have a nap and a few sedentary hours of college football under my belt.

[Speaking of college football: who will win the Capital One Bowl? My Wolverines? GFF’s Gators? There are nine minutes left in the game and it is still too early to tell. Fantastic game. Much preferred to the Michigan bowl games I’ve suffered through on New Year’s Days of recent memory.]

Tired but happy. Exactly how this first day of 2008 should make me feel.


OC said...

Happy New Year! Glad you were able to go out and have fun with the girls... now rest! Or you'll end up like me!

Stace said...

Glad you had a good tired day. :D

Unknown said...

What an awesome NY!! Even though it was too much... in a few weeks, you'll look back on it and smile. :) Do you have pictures?

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