Sunday, January 06, 2008

Homebody 101

My dad was casual when he asked me about it. “You don’t really want to move out, do you?” He (and everyone else on this green planet, including SuperReader Staci) noticed that I have been dragging my feet on this move.

It is true. I am less than enthusiastic.

It has nothing to do with the location or the apartment or my roommate/cousin. It has everything to do with the rest of my life – all of the changes that have happened as of late with my job and Colin and the traveling and school and the holidays and I haven’t been to yoga in at least a month and the lack of routine and, ugh, everything.

Moving will complicate my life. It will be a temporary complication, but a complication nonetheless. I will spend my first night there tonight. And tomorrow I will have to rush-rush-rush because I have no idea how long it will take me to get to work. And work will be more stressful because I haven’t been through the Monday morning routine. And my first day of classes is tomorrow. And I am sick and I am tired and I have hockey tonight.

It makes me want to cry. Just a little bit.

I feel unprepared. All of my furniture is there and I feel unprepared.


I must have some sort of developmental deficiency that makes me feel, at 25, perfectly content with living at my mom and dad’s house.

It is either that or a really great family relationship.

I’m spending the night there, but I’ll be back later this week. Probably on Tuesday, again on Friday. Mom and I are going to Meg’s hockey game on Saturday. We’re having dinner at Grandma’s on Sunday.

It isn’t like I am moving out of the state.

Just leaving the nest. Not even for the first time. [And, unlike last time, I’ll be a cool half-hour from home. And a three-minute (literally!) drive from Aunt Marie.]

I am such a dork and a loser. Especially when I am sick, tired and busy.


Accidentally Me said...

Oh I feel your pain! I just moved yesterday, away from the same roommate and best friend I have had for five years, and the emotions are overwhelming.

But you will get into a whole new routine, and it will all be good:-)

Anonymous said...

I'm way behind on my reading. Sorry to hear you have been sick, boys suck and you don't want to move. I think you will feel better about it once you get back into your routine. Keep your chin up! :)

Stace said...

Hey can you blame me if I get a little sidetracked at work. GEEZ! :D
Either way I think once you move and get in a routine it will be less hectic. I say give it a week and you'll be golden, and you aren't far that's great. Plus I don't see anything wrong with living at home at 25. I would if I could but as much as I love my family I love being on my own too.

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