Saturday, January 05, 2008

Blogging from my deathbed

Last day at work.
A very long afternoon readying my apartment for really, truly moving in.
Canceling plans with The Girls because I still feel craptastic.

This is what makes me feel better:
1. My new sister, Blue.

2. This "prom picture" my cousin and I took on Christmas Eve. He's wearing a monkey mask that our cousin the actress wore in the show she's in.


Stace said...

I hope you get to feeling better ASAP. That mask scares me. Your hair looks fabulous!

Unknown said...

That picture is HILARIOUS. I really hope you woke up feeling 100% better today, I definitely know the feeling of overextending yourself (add to the fact that Meg & your dad were so sick, and you've been on something of an emotional rollercoaster with colin). Love you!

Accidentally Me said...

You may have been kdding, but you look kinda hot in that picture!

And the dog is ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is outstanding in that pic! I mean you Aly, not Blue, but please tell her she is quite adorable. :)

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