Friday, January 11, 2008


Last year, I broke into 2007 with a gazillion resolutions in hand. I did a damn fine job of sticking to them and holding myself accountable for them for the first ¾ of the year. And then I got into school and moved back home and all hell broke loose, basically. I didn’t even keep track of my resolutions in December and I haven’t (and probably won’t) done a full year recap.

I’m taking a different approach in 2008.

I’ll take one resolution, please. And make it attainable.

I need to get my finances in order. And I need to do it in 2008, before I do any more damage. Because as fun as living beyond my means is (I seriously love buying...absolutely anything) the constant worrying about money really cancels out that short-term fun.

I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do or how I want to go about it. More money in my savings account, obviously. Less money on my credit cards. Make a budget. Live by the damn budget that I put in the time and effort to make. Make at least some contribution, even if it is pathetic and small, to my Roth IRA.

Truthfully, I just need to be more conscientious about my money and where it goes and why I don’t have any.

I’m 25. I don’t want to live like a college student forever.

I just want to look and feel like a college student forever.


Stace said...

I like your resolution too. I think you and I are more alike than I actually thought aside the fact that you are more put together and determined. :D

my life is brilliant said...


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