Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The professor's daughter

A middle school friend turned high school acquaintance, Melody, didn't take the path that most of us did.

She was pregnant when we graduated from high school. She had two kids by the time she was twenty.

Melody always wanted to be a nurse. Heather and I always wished that somehow she find the money and the time and stop having babies long enough to go back to school.

Well, she did. And she ended up in my mom's program.

My mom gave me a brand-new textbook - their major textbook, which costs a gazillion - to give to Melody.

Mom mentions to me, time to time, how strange she thinks that it is that Melody never stops by her office. We were pretty tight in middle school. She spent a lot of time at my house. I've always agreed that it was strange, but passed it off on Melody being pretty shy.

And then I go on Heather's MySpace page and read this:
how are you? I saw Ally's mom last week. It was really wierd, I got on the elevator that she was on and I really didn't pay attention I was in my own little world, She said well hello miss Melody and I said hi but said oh I didn't realize that was you your hair is shorter. I'm such an idiot, she's like ya that happens through the years. She's lost a lot of weight but I couldn't say that so now she thinks I'm an idiot. She said oh so I see your pregnant again, you couldn't wait til school was over, she always rubbed me the wrong way I never knew how to take things she said!!!! Ally doesn't have Myspace does she?LOL

I'm pretty much really offended and only writing about this to get it out of my system. It doesn't matter. I'm not telling my mother (although she would just be amused). It isn't like I see Melody even once a year.

But that shit just bums me out.


Stace said...

Is this on someone's comments? People can be so stupid what they put in comments send them an EMAIL for crying out loud. So is she pregnant again seriously? I know some people like that, it kinda saddens me when it goes like that too. :/ Oh well don't let it ruin your day some people. . .yeah SOME PEOPLE. :D

Paul Michael Peters said...

When you read about the socio-economic stratification of class structure it is hard to understand the personal ramifications. What have we learned, what experiences have shaped us to become such different people in a short amount of time?

The biggest differences sound like she may have stayed home with two kids while you had a multitude of interaction and new experiences. That could make one bitter. Just think, she has not lived on her own, had to break in a new dorm mate, or cram for exams. You’ve not had to feed screaming kids in the middle of the night or walk through a mall embarrassed by stretch pants and stretch marks.

Yeah, what she said was pretty immature, but it sounds like she is stuck at the same maturity level from when you were last friends… and you have grown, and are better for it.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I hate when people use LOL or LMAO. It DMC (drives me crazy).

I would be annoyed too, but I have to agree with p2.

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