Sunday, December 30, 2007

Over and over and over again

I am so pissed with Colin.

And more pissed with myself.

I don’t know the last time I talked to him. It was before I went to Chicago, I’m sure of that. It has been at least nine days. I’ve called him a few times. He hasn’t called back.

He is just soooooo busy.
His great uncle died.
His estranged younger brother who went missing this fall returned to the open and loving arms of his family.
He is having an affair. WITH HIS STUPID FUCKING JOB.

His bullshit excuse for not calling is “I don’t want to wake you up at 3 am.” Please.

That says it all.

It says: “You’re not important enough for three minutes of my day.”

I get it.
I should have gotten it a long time ago.

I should have gotten it on New Year’s Eve 2005, when he ditched me for no reason.
I should have gotten it last Christmas, when he refused to exchange Christmas gifts with me because...I don’t know...he probably just did not want to buy me something.
I should have gotten it at the beginning of December, when I was constantly terrified – with good frickin' reason – that he would bail on me a day before we left for our New York trip.

But I don’t get it.
And he keeps fucking up.

And I let him. And then I feel like shit.

I’m tired of feeling like shit.

I’m so done with this.

Admittedly, it is a little lame that it was hockey tickets that forced me to lose my patience irretrievably. But the story pretty much says it all.

I bought tickets for this game at the beginning of November. November 7th. I bought four tickets. We were to go to the game with Greg and Kellyann. I brought the idea up to Colin a few days before I bought the tickets. He cleared it up with Greg.

We've talked about it since then. Not obsessively. But it has been discussed.

And when I email Colin on Thursday morning about the tickets - I just wanted him to inform Greg of how much he owed me - I get this "oh, shit, I totally forgot about that. I've been really busy, you know, with my great uncle dying and my brother coming back to the family."

#1: I refuse to believe that you just forget about something like the New Years Eve plans you made. That is called selective memory. OR LYING BECAUSE YOU LINED UP SOMETHING BETTER TO DO.
#2. You don't tell someone you're dating about the major family events that recently occurred in an email. Or, if you do, it is on the day of these major family events. Not sometime in the next week.
#3. I should also add that, at this point, it has been over a week since Colin has called me. I've called and left him messages twice during this time frame.

There was something in his email that led me to believe that forgetting about the hockey game meant that he wasn't coming. I told him, hastily, that I would get rid of the tickets.

I asked him to find out if Greg and Kellyann wanted their two tickets. Because, unlike Colin, I think about people other than myself. And I didn't want to sell their tickets out from underneath them, if they wanted to go.

He said he would let me know.

The whole day passes. Nothing.

I email him from work (it was too early to call) at 7:30 on Friday morning. Nothing.

I send him a text message (at this point, I am too pissed to call) at 6:00 on Friday night. Nothing.

I finally hear from him on Saturday morning. Greg and Kellyann aren't using their tickets. And I'm so sorry that I didn't get back to you yesterday. I was running around all day. I didn't get your text or your email until this morning.

LIAR. Does he not think I have ever seen him interact with technology? He checks his phones every four minutes. He's on his email on an hourly basis.

I have $500 worth of hockey tickets for a game that is in a handful of days that I can't use because HE IS A FUCK UP and he can't (or won't) find the time to make one phone call for me.

I'm supposed to be his girlfriend.

And yet I am his last priority.


OC said...

Oh, A., I am so sorry. If I lived near you, I'd go to the game! :) But I know it's not about the game. Or the tickets. Or New Years Eve. Hon, I've been there, and if there is any lesson that I learned, it was that he isn't going to change for me. And he proved me right. The three weeks of good that constantly end in one week of tears aren't worth it.

I don't have any great advice or words of wisdom, but I'm giving you a virtual hug. Good luck. I hope 2008 is better for you.

Anonymous said...

he is being a shithead, end of story. hope you have some luck selling the tickets. can you take your dad, mom & sis for a fun night out and an important lesson learned? me & tp could make the drive from the big c-town, ive never been to a hockey game before!

Anonymous said...

You should seriously consider not being his girlfriend anymore.

Just remember how you felt on the NYC trip and dump him... via email would be fitting.

Shelley said...

Why is it that guys completely cut off communication with you? Can't they just man up and say what's really going on? It would save us from the wondering and the freakin' frustration.

I totally relate to the technology thing. We know they check their phones every ten minutes... it's definitely not hard to send back a message telling you (or lying about) how busy they are. Cripe.

And they always say women are the mysterious gender. Hah.

Probably best to end this before you get hurt further.


Lauren said...

I'm sorry that he's acting this way.

It doesn't sound like you're his girlfriend. And after your trip to NYC a few weeks back, I had assumed you were going to drop him anyway.

No one is ever too busy to spend time with people that they want to be a priority in their lives. If he wanted to, he would have made time for you. Plain and simple.

Perhaps you should start reciprocating and stop making time for him. Sounds like he's turned out to be a real jerk.

Accidentally Me said...

It sounded a week ago like you had already reached this conclusion...but it still sucks to get that sort of affirmation.

Does that mean he also didn't intend for you to spend New Year's together? Because that goes over the line of "thoughtless" into "downright mean". It seems like you already reached this conclusion, but it seems like the New Year is gonna have to start with a firm break-up.

And no need to worry about his feelings, he so obviously doesn't care about yours...

Unknown said...

HOLY SHIT. He is bad, bad, bad news. I hope his negative karma comes back around and he gets SCREWED OVER by a chick, because he needs to know what it feels like.


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