Thursday, November 29, 2007


In participating in other sports, I have been told that I talk like a soccer player. I'm not really sure how true that is, but I certainly have my own sports vocabulary. I say the same things. Over and over and over. And I have been since high school.

If you frequented indoor soccer complexes in the area, I bet that you could eventually pick me out of the crowd just by what comes out of my mouth.

"One on! One on! One on!"
This is how I tell teammates that there is an opposing player approaching. I always give them the number of approaching players. I always say it three times.

"Unlucky!" This is my go-to phrase when a teammate screws up or is beaten by a player who is simply better than he or she is. I also like to shout this phrase to my entire team if we get scored on when I'm not on the field.

"Well in!"
Good job.

"Have it!" How I encourage my teammates to shoot the ball.

"Yeah, ball." Loose translation: "pass the ball to me, please, I think that I am in a good position to make a play."

"Recover!" I use this in an encouraging way. I think that it sounds significantly better than "turn your ass around and redeem yourself!" but isn't too Polly Positive, either.

And that is it.

I've been mindlessly repeating the same six things in every soccer game I've played since middle school. Maybe even before.

Do ya'll have any good sports lingo to add to my repertoire? Do you find yourself using the same phrases over and over, or is it just me?


Paul Michael Peters said...


OC said...

"you got it"

"you're in"

"all you"


Stace said...

I haven't played since high school so I'm kinda out of the loop! Yours seem to work just fine though. :)

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