Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A pricy day

I don't know what got into me today.

A few days ago, I got the bright idea of taking Colin to the Red Wings game on New Year's Eve. It is Detroit tradition - the Wings play on NYE every year - and I thought it would be good, low key fun. And after the game, we could meet up with friends for the traditional hullabaloo.

I suggested to Colin that he invite Greg and Kellyann to the game. Kellyann supposedly loves hockey (I imagine that it is in a really superficial way); it felt like a gesture of good will. ...things always feel awkward between us. (I have no idea why. HA.)

Colin wanted to go. Greg said he and Kellyann were in. And I was on StubHub, looking for 4 tickets in the lower bowl for one of the most popular games of the year.

I found them - complete with a parking pass for the riverfront executive lot - not too terribly over face value.

Problem? Face value on a lower bowl Red Wings ticket isn't exactly cheap.

Adding in shipping and commission and whatever surcharge they sock you with, I was down a cool $500.

It didn't stop there.

Then I started looking for mid-December flights to New York City. I still have a few vacation days left to burn and I'm itching to take Colin somewhere for his birthday. The catch, of course, is finding a time when we can both be off of work.

I email him 200 times (but I refuse him details, including location). I search every airline 50 times over. And then, a beacon of hope that goes by the name of Spirit Airlines.

$60some each. Please. I'm in.

Send Colin urgent email.

He says he can go after noon on Sunday and has to be back by 4:00 pm on Thursday.

Later Sunday flights are more than twice the price.

And I'm feeling impulsive.

Booked: painfully early flight to NYC on Monday, morning flight back to Detroit on Tuesday. 27 hours in the Big Apple. It seems foolishly short, yes, but I am confident that we can make it work.

Restricting our first trip together to just over 24 hours seems smart, in fact.

And even if it isn't, I beg you to pretend otherwise. The tickets are nonrefundable.


Cindy Jones Lantier said...

Thanks for stopping by Mixed Grill Favorites. I enjoyed reading your blog. You have great writing style. Hope you enjoy your hockey game and time in NYC!

Anonymous said...

I'm actually looking at airfares back home to NYC this Xmas. I have to do it! I haven't spent xmas there in 7 years! Its' ridiculous!

Accidentally Me said...

Please step away from the credit card before someone gets hurt...:-)

Sounds like fun! I hope he appreciates all the effort you have gone to...he owes you now!

Stacey Brandow said...

Aw, you are very nice! How fun for the two of you! Good job seem to be getting comfortable and opening your heart more!

Stace said...

Can I just say. . .you've been bitten by the love bug my friend. THE LOVE BUG. muah

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