Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pretty in fleece

I am a high fashion model. I am sitting here, not having showered today, wearing Uggs, Vaseline smeared on my chapped lips, clad in a darling combination of black fleece pants and a gray fleece hoodie. It is quite the look.

I am absolutely exhausted. I think I may go to bed at 9.

It was a busy, wonderful, memorable weekend. I was supposed to go with my hockey team to a tournament in Ontario - I am so glad that I skipped it.

The wedding was standard, but a big stepping stone in my relationship with Colin. After almost three years of on-again and off-again, we were finally just like every couple. Real. Committed. Without the drama and the uncertainty. In some ways, it was like our coming out party. We're not just dating anymore, folks; we're a couple. A real couple. With staying power and everything.

Thanksgiving dinner with my friends was a stepping stone in itself. Lucy and I (with a little bit of help from others) made an entire Thanksgiving feast. Had it done on time. Everything was edible. Isn't that something that only real grownups can do? Are we real grownups? It appears that we're heading towards that status.

My cousin Anna and I went looking for apartments today. We checked out a few darling duplexes in a very young, hip suburb. I can see myself living there. Anna and I will make a decent roommate pairing. I'd be paying a small fraction of what I was paying in rent at my old apartment. I'll be closer to work than I am living at home. The size of my bedroom and the size of my closets will be a challenge, but a challenge that I will gladly take on for the opportunity to live in a house with hardwood floors and a fireplace and a front porch and spades of character.

Lastly, I received notification that I was granted a scholarship for next semester. Not big money, but money that will take a substantial bite out of what I'll need to pony up for two classes in the winter term.

Maybe its just because I'm blissfully wrapped in fleece, but it feels like everything - school, housing, friendship and a romance - is finally coming together.

I hope there isn't a catch.


Stacey Brandow said...

Oh, I love when life feels like that! I'm happy for you! :)

Stace said...

Isn't it said "good things comes to those that wait" DAMN IT I'VE BEEN WAITING TOO, but obviously not as long as you have. I'm happy for you. How's the new car going by the way too?

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