Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meltin' the ice

I am fortunate enough to skate at a figure skating club that is, quite frankly, an elite training center. Many of America’s top young ice dancers train there under an exceptional coaching tandem; I expect that during the 2014 Olympics I will be able to watch the ice dancing competition and point out a team or two that I once trained on the same ice as.

My club draws coaches from all over the world. It is not unusual to have a guest skater or two – usually skaters with skill so advanced that I cannot fathom having such talent – on our club sessions, training with these elite coaches. Skating more perfectly than should be humanly possible.

There is no other skater, in my mind, that will ever top our current guest skater.

He is Russian-born.
A Canadian citizen.
A gorgeous, fluid, musical skater.

Yeah. I said it. An Abercrombie model.

My practices have been exceptionally unproductive these last two weeks.
But my salivary glands have gotten quite the workout.


Stace said...

Sweet! I'm jealous! My salivary glands have gotten NOTHING in the past 2 months. :( I hate where I live.

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