Tuesday, November 06, 2007

If you want to be bored, read this

I just registered for the winter semester.

Actually, I just logged in to my school email account, read the email that indicated that registration started yesterday at 7:00 am, freaked the fuck out, and calmed down just long enough to register for classes.

And now I’m back to full on freaking the fuck out.

I hate uncertainty!

I’m signed up for four. I’ll only take two. I’m only absolutely certain of one.

The one class that I’m absolutely taking is on the satellite campus right by my work. Perfect. It is one of the two classes that come highly recommended that you take in your first semester.

(Which, you’ll note, I obviously did not do.)

The other class that I want to take is on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm. It is the other one of the two classes that come highly recommended that you take in your first semester.

(Which, you’ll note, I also obviously did not do.)

I also signed up for an online section of the Wednesday at 1:00 pm course, even though my gut tells me that I would suck at an online class.

Lastly, I signed up for a higher-level class that is on Wednesday evenings. This is the class I’ll take if I cannot somehow get out of work and accept my fate as an online student loser. I mean, really, it obviously wouldn’t be the end of the world if I skipped the one recommended class for another semester.

But what I would really like to do, in a perfect world, is take Wednesdays off of work. And just work four 10-hour days.

In my current job, it would be totally feasible. This building is open ridiculous hours.

But my boss is also a ridiculous tool.

And, in order for me to ask her if I can have Wednesdays off, I need to tell her that I’m in graduate school. Which I haven’t done. Because it really isn’t her business.

I’m trying to weigh this all out. What is the likelihood that she’ll let me have Wednesdays off? Is it worth telling her that I’m in graduate school for the slim chance that I could get the preferred schedule – or would I be better off keeping my mouth shut and my schooling a secret so that I don’t have my boss thinking that I may quit at any second?

If I tell her the truth about what I’m in school for, she is going to lose her mind. In her peanut brain, my boss assumes that I will work in this job that offers me no advancement for the rest of my life. Obvious even to her would be the fact that a master’s degree in library science isn’t going to keep me here.

I’m considering telling her that I’m getting my MBA.

Sure, I would have absolutely no business getting an MBA. But an MBA wouldn’t scare her so much; it could be applicable to a position at the highest levels of the company – even though none of those jocks have anything more than a bachelor’s degree.

So here I am, spinning lies. Considering spinning lies, anyway. I’m not quite sure that I can do it. Maybe it is just getting ahead. Playing the game to preserve myself.

I have no idea. I just want Wednesdays off.


Stace said...

Go for your "MBA" it's not really any of her business anyway.

DShan said...

i laughed out loud at this post...it's so honest. love it. i vote to tell her you're getting your MBA. ask for a reworked schedule, promise better work. make her say no...you'll regret not trying.

Anonymous said...

"My boss is also a ridiculous tool."

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