Friday, November 30, 2007

I hear that it is the last day of the month!

I'll celebrate making it through another year of NaBloPoMo with a little, random picture post.

I took this picture of Blue when she climbed, uninvited, into one of the chairs in the office. It was funny that she chose the chair that she did; neither of our other dogs ever slept in that one.

Stevie was a fan of the plaid one, in fact.

I so miss that damn dog.

Here's a picture of me and Lucy asking like jackasses at the bar on Thanksgiving Eve.

And here's (from the left) my ass, Lucy's ass and Colleen's ass the morning after my epic birthday bash.

And, while I'm posting ass shots, here's one of my family (and Blue!) as we trekked through the wilderness to find The Perfect Christmas Tree.

We found it.

And, to complete this nonsensical collection of photos, an old favorite. Me, Mom and Meg shortly after my parents rocked my world by making me a big sister.

I think I'll take tomorrow off.


Stace said...

Awe Stevie. Blue pretty, seems he took well to the family. Nice ass shots! :) Awe to search for your Christmas tree how cool would that be? What a pain that would be! Yes please take tomorrow off, you deserve it. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww so cute!

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