Friday, November 09, 2007

How to burn a day

I completely wasted today.

I completely waste most Fridays, as a matter of fact. It is very easy, when Friday is your day off of work, to spend it unwisely – doing not much of anything because you have absolutely nobody to be held accountable to.

Ironically, I get up early on Friday mornings. I am at the rink and on the ice by 7:45 am. I skate for two hours, I bumble around and talk to the other skaters and take my leisurely time pulling off my skates. I leave home for home around 10 am.

Back at home between 10:20 and 10:30 am, I find myself cold and hungry. I make a bit of breakfast – usually something as unimpressive as peanut butter on toast or cereal – and settle in front of my laptop to read a few blogs. Only for a few minutes. Just because I’m still a little too cold to even consider taking off my clothes so that I can take a shower.

And, before I know it, it is noon. And I have done nothing.

So I take my shower, deferring clothes for my robe. Unlike a workday, I don’t have to get dressed with wet hair hanging down my back. I like that I can wait. So I do.

While waiting for my hair to dry, I’ll watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Gossip Girl. Maybe I’ll check my email. On a particularly productive day, I might even go so far as to check the balance of my checking account.

My hair is dry around 4:00 pm. If I’m in charge of dinner that night, I’ll run to the grocery store. If not, perhaps I’ll run a few errands. Pick up a prescription. Spend money that I don’t have. Whatever.

It isn’t long before it is time for me to start on dinner.

Then Mom and Dad come home and I smile and nod and act very jolly. And serve them dinner.

The rest of my evening is spent digesting my food and waiting for my soccer game to start.

Tonight is a long wait. My game isn’t until 11:10 pm. Annoying.


Laurie said...

Sounds like my Saturdays, except you actually work out. Twice. Now that is productive. We all need days like that on a regular basis, don't be too hard on yourself.

Stace said...

Man to get up that early EVER is like a cold day in hell. Amazing. I envy you. :) Although I must admit I LOVE not doing anything.

A said...

Ha. Laurie and Staci, you're the best. Way to rationalize my lack of productivity! XOXOX

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