Sunday, November 11, 2007

The housing situation

My cousin and soon-to-be roommate Anna and I went looking at apartments last weekend. Did I mention that?

Anna is a funny girl. Her mom – my aunt Marie – is an artist and, as a result, Anna has very strong ideas about what is beautiful and what is not. She would be the first to admit that she likes old things. Things that she deems as having character.

Because of Anna’s personal preferences, we didn’t look at traditional apartment buildings. Instead, we looked at houses converted into duplexes in an area where such accommodations are pretty common.

Duplex 1 was nasty. Incredibly dirty considering that it was being opened for showing to multiple groups of potential renters, not just us. The bedrooms were painfully small. I’d be able to fit my bed, but I wasn’t sure that I could even fit one of my dressers in addition to the bed. And that would suck.

Duplex 2 was adorable. Unlike the other two, this was on the first floor of the original house. The house has a big front porch and a modest backyard – with a vegetable garden that we could plant whatever we wanted to in, if we so desired. The duplex had all hardwood floors, a fireplace in the front room, lots of natural light. The bedrooms were small – not as small as Duplex 1, but still smaller than I would like. The kitchen is not big and neither is the bathroom, but the dining room and living room are both big and open and fantastic. Perfect for socializing.

Duplex 3 was probably my favorite. It was the biggest, by far. The bedrooms were comparable to that in my old apartment, the bathroom was enormous. The kitchen was painted an unattractive mauve color, but the rest of the place had a cute, unique paintjob of pleasing neutrals. So much better than the standard white. This was the priciest of the duplexes that we looked at, but also the biggest.

Anna didn’t love Duplex 3. She claimed that she was concerned with the neighborhood – that the area (all of five or six blocks from Duplex 2) was just a little sketchy. Really, though, she hated that it was so standard. I understand. I would happily trade the carpet in for hardwood floors and a fireplace, but I wanted the space of Duplex 3.

We’ve been taking this week. The more we talk about it, the further we lean to Duplex 2. I would be very, very okay with living there. Our landlord’s house is on the same street. And the fireplace is so damn cute. A small bathroom won’t kill me. And it is less expensive than Duplex 3, anyhow.

We’re going back this week to look at Duplex 2 again. I've just finally started to feel settled here and I could be moving before the beginning of the year. Crazy.


OC said...

Are there others you can look at in addition? I know it's just renting, but maybe you could find something that you both really really really like?

Anonymous said...

dont worry about a small bathroom, i was so worried about our tiny bathroom when we moved into our new apartment (a converted house into apts as well!) but, really, you dont spend much time in the bathroom, as long as it is clean and in good shape, dont worry about it and spend the time in that fantastic living room instead! a fireplace?! that sounds awesome!!

Anonymous said...

ok how weird! I just wrote a post on looking at homes today and compared them!

A said...

We're going to have to look at a few more, I think. Just to get a better idea of what is out there. Maybe find somewhere with bigger bedrooms (which, honestly, is sort of a ridiculous hangup. I never spend much time in my room.).

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