Tuesday, November 27, 2007

December is going to be great

The thought of December makes me giddy.

Colin's birthday and our trip to NYC. I booked our hotel room today - great room in an amazing historic hotel (judging by the reviews, anyway) in a fucking fab-u-lous location. And now I have to start planning our New York City Day o' Glory. We're going to go touristy crazy. Colin has never been to New York before; there will be no shame.

[Suggestions? Anyone?]

Nine days later: the Girls do Chicago. We're taking the train - wheee! - and a great hotel room at a stupid price (I heart Priceline!).

Meg comes home from school.

Colin's birthday is on the 11th.

Danielle is home from Los Angeles.

I finish my class.

And I'm taking seven (7!!!) days off of work.

I am even excited about Christmas. I am never excited about Christmas.

Before I know it, we'll be in 2008. And I'll be on a budget. December is going to be fantastic. And memorable. And expensive.


Stace said...

NYC AND CHICAGO! I'm officially jealous.

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