Saturday, November 03, 2007

Because I have no shame

And because I thought you might be curious.
And because I'm mildly narcissistic.

This is what my hair looks like straight. When I am just home from a wedding and making a silly face.

And this is what the back of my hair looks like when it is straight. It is also what my eyeball looks like when it has just gotten home from a wedding, after its been up since 6 am, when it is incapable of figuring how to synch a camera and a mirror.


Anonymous said...

Ooo. Purty and layery. As a fellow curly-haired lady I fully appreciate how wonderful it is to have lovely hassle-free hair. Until the next wash. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, did you have fun?!

Stace said...

Love the hair straight, but love it curly too. You're so funny!

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