Saturday, November 24, 2007

April showers

I am so irritated with April.

I didn’t write about it at the time, but earlier in the month when my friends and I made Thanksgiving dinner, April flaked out on us again. Much like Lucy’s birthday, she lost control and then lost her mind. She dropped off her side dishes and then didn’t show up to dinner.

It was, according to the apology email that she sent to us, “a combination of many things and just came down to my mood not being as good as I would have liked to celebrate with you guys.”

Really, she was just pissed because she wanted us to have dinner at 6:00 pm so that her married boyfriend could come and Lucy wanted to have it at 10:00 pm so that her husband could come. And Lucy won. Because she was hosting our Thanksgiving. Because Chet is her husband. Because that is what we decided.

And, just like at Lucy’s birthday, April couldn’t take it. And, just like at Lucy’s birthday, she bailed on us.

It’s bullshit.

It has been three weeks since any of us have spoke to April. Lucy made first contact. They went for coffee yesterday.

At Starbucks, April told Lucy that she likes being a part of our group of friends. She likes going to the bar with us. She has fun.

But our personalities are too strong for her to do anything “big” with us. We are too opinionated and it intimidates her. And then she pulls away.

That is her take on it, anyway.

My take on it is that she always wants to get what she wants. And that she would like to be friends with us when it is convenient for her.

I’m not sure how I am going to handle this. Secondhand via Colleen, Lucy sounds sympathetic and forgiving. Firsthand, I can you that I feel neither of those emotions.

I almost don’t care. I don’t want to fight for our friendship. But I’m also not wounded or angry enough to feel as though it is beyond repair.

April is like a gnat. Obnoxious and largely harmless. And the proud owner of one brain cell.


Stace said...

HAHAHA your funny! Mean yes but that was funny. If it's only convenient for her then I wouldn't put to much effort into it.

Anonymous said...

Too strong and opinionated or is she just a baby who can't always have her way? Good luck with that one!

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