Saturday, October 13, 2007

Resolution Review 9

This is going to be the most depressing Resolution Review of 2007. I did nothing. EXCEPT GO TO BACK TO SCHOOL (yay) and move out of my apartment and have a shitty month at work.

I traded in a lot of my goals for a few very noble causes - the pursuit of higher education and the great search for personal bliss (and by that I mean moving back home because I hated where I was living) - so I guess that is okay.

Looking at all that I didn't do in September is still depressing. Which is why I've avoided writing this until now.

1. Read 12 novels.
I only read textbooks. And continued my struggle with Fall On Your Knees, which I will obviously never finish and should just give up. I have some shorter, lighter reads that I can mesh with my reading for school. I just need to make time for it.

2. Find a new job or go back to school. Or, ideally, find a new job AND go back to school.
Wheeee! Best resolution kept EVER. Besides the part where I have to do homework.

3. Go to the gym with increased frequency.
Gym: I went to the gym FIVE times in September. I knew it was bad; I didn't know it was that bad. Hahahaha. How truly awful.
Skating: Seven skates in September. Getting back up to my average. Like that.
Soccer: Indoor kicked off in the middle of the month; I played 4 games in September.
Hockey: Is back, making me even more busy. My team started out the season with two practices in September.

4. Not make a weight-related resolution.
When you're trying to eat your freezer empty, you're not exactly feeding yourself the best fuel. When you go to the gym five times in a month, you don't exactly feel great about your body. Despite this, I am not obsessing. Merely observing.

5. Knit more.
I made a hat for Kevin's unborn baby. Sure, I dropped a stitch right at the end and cannot stand its imperfection and therefore did not give it to his wife at the baby shower, but I made it!

6. Stop the incessant purchasing.
Too busy packing up all of the crap I bought during my shopping junkie phase to buy anything else.

7. Visit with my grandparents more.
I didn't see Grandma and Grandpa other than at my cousin's wedding. That's really bad.

8. Cut back on the coffee/hazelnut cappuccino mix that I feast on allfrickingdaylong at work. It’s as bad as sipping on a soda all day.
I would have a cup here and there, just because September was exhausting and overwhelming and stressful and I couldn't get enough of a kick from tea.

9. Become a sweet-ass juggler.
No practice. S-U-C-K.

10. Allow myself to trust Colin.
It's happening. Like a real relationship featuring real grownups. My doubts in him are insignificant. Trivial. I'm on the edge of this pool and I am ready to throw myself in. He's standing with me. Holding my hand. We're ready.

September’s resolution of the month: Put together a damn photo album
I ordered the pictures, which is a victory in itself. Did I actually put the albums together? Um. NotSoMuch.

So I'll just carry it over.

Because I'm not doing an October resolution because I need to not be so intense for, like, seven seconds of my life. And October is those seven seconds. So there.

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Unknown said...

This is a weird time of year. I feel that you will find your "groove" shortly and sift through what you really want to do. And with a breath of kindness, you'll just blow the rest away as if it were dust gathering! That's my prediction!! :)

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