Sunday, September 09, 2007

When I go to Ann Arbor today, I will moon the Big House

I drank a lot last night.

Pretty sure it had something to do with The University of Michgan SUCKTACULAR Wolverines.

In my next life, I will not base such a significant chunk of my self-esteem on the success of my school's legendary football program. Because apparently? Even renowned and respected football teams with the biggest stadium and the coolest helmets can ROLL OVER AND DIE.

It's a good thing that I started grad school this week. Now a student at another university, I don't have to consider myself a Wolverine.

I will consider to do so, however. Because in addition to being a (fallen) football elitist, I am an academic snob.


Shelley said...

I was disappointed by the second Michigan loss in as many weeks. It's unfortunate because when they come to Madison and get beaten by the Badgers, it won't mean very much - except that it's always fun to beat Michigan at Camp Randall.

Don't give up on your team. You don't want to be considered a fair-weather fan. So they have one bad season... compared to all of the other seasons in recent memory, it's just an anomaly. :-)

Captain Meatpants said...

Two weeks in a row is tough. I’m sure that West Washtenaw Technical Institute will come back someday.

Plantation said...

At least they saved face this week.

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