Sunday, September 02, 2007


We made it through the weekend without any major blowouts. Insults and hatred were delivered passive aggressively. Mostly by ignoring. Also by strategic seating arrangements, behavior monitoring and other immaturities. More on that when I'm rested.


The wedding was beautiful. Very different than what I imagine my wedding will be like, but beautiful nonetheless. The groom is obviously very much in love with my cousin. Wasn't crazy about her (custom made, couture) wedding dress, but she was stunning. And my aunt - the mother of the bride - looked just like Hilary Clinton.

I had a horrible night of sleep on Friday, thanks to my dad.

My momma bought me a new Kate Spade purse at Macy's. I don't get it 'til my birthday.

Definitely need to catch a yoga class tomorrow.

I love trail mix.


Shelley said...

There wasn't a Badger fan in the whole of Camp Randall Stadium who wasn't aware of the Michigan loss. It's a double edged sword when that happens... you want Michigan to lose, but you also want them to win so that when the Badgers play them in November (and hopefully win) they are a good team to play against.

Glad the wedding didn't suck too bad.

Stace said...

Glad the wedding went well. Congrats on the new purse. . .sucks you don't get it until your birthday. :(

A said...

That, Shelley, I absolutely believe. I remember watching the same sorts of senarios play out on the big house (usually with Ohio State).

UM hasn't lost to Wisconsin in a long time. I know this 'cause I seriously debated between the two schools. When I picked Michigan - and they didn't lose to Wisconsin the entire time I was in school (or in the three years I've been out) - I decided I made the right choice.

Athletics over academics. Duh.

Laurie said...

So random.

Glad everything went better than expected.

Courtney said...

mmmmmm trail mix.

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