Monday, September 17, 2007

Materialistic Monday

I have a headache and I’m hungry and I’m doing my homework (on company time! Always impressive.) and I am attempting to distract myself from my desire o’ the day.


Oh my goodness, all of the shopping.

I don’t know how it happened. One minute I was checkin’ out some deals, and then I was at the American Eagle website and the next thing I know I’m punching in discount codes and, okay, I am really not so good at turning down a bargain and I really, really, really like sweaters.

And I absolutely must buy myself a cute Birthday Girl outfit because I am under the impression that Colin and my friends are planning something fun to celebrate the fact that I will finally be the same age as them. ...until December, when Colin hits #26.

I am mostly blogging to keep myself from buying. (Also because my homework isn't doing much to keep me alert and awake.)

Because there’s this Smashbox eye makeup set that I would love to drop $60 on, too.

I also have my eye on a couple of cardigans at Forever 21.

Boots. I also want new boots.

And perhaps a pair of new turf shoes for indoor soccer.

I have to put my $1,800 tuition bill on my credit card today. That really should be enough to sate my craving to crawl a little further into debt.


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