Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Answer me this

I want to get a PDA/palm pilot to help me keep tabs on my soccer, skating, school and hockey schedules, appointments, when bills are due, birthdays and the like. I would be using it almost exclusively for the calendar, but I also anticipate using the address book, the calculator, the to-do lists, and a little bit of the word processing/spreadsheets. Probably wouldn’t use it to send or receive email. What kind of PDA should I get?

In making the big move from my apartment to my parents’ house, I am going to need to pack some of my summer clothes away; I simply cannot fit all of my clothes into the dressers and closet in my bedroom.

If my mother knows about my clothes overflow, she is going to nag me to weed out what I no longer want/need/use even though it really isn’t a matter of what I don’t want/need/use (I really do wear the majority of what is in my closets), it’s a matter of space. I considering going to Target and buying big ol’ plastic storage bins, but doing so will scream YOUR DAUGHTER IS A DISHONEST CLOTHES HORSE to my mother the minute I attempt to store them in the garage. So, I’m thinking that my options are limited to boxes. Is storing my summer clothes in boxes for 3-4 months going to ruin them? Is there anything I can do to keep them from getting too crapped up?

Lately, my life feels just a bit uncontrollable. Hockey is starting, class has started, I’m moving, Colin and I are inching towards serious, my friends want to go out every Saturday night, I have to watch the entire 3rd season of Grey’s Anatomy before September 27, I’m turning 25 in 21 days, etc. So, logically, I am spending a lot of time trying to think up a Halloween costume that is cute and clever and not too slutty but maybe has just a hint of slutty to it (I don’t do all of this workin’ out for nothing), and is definitely not store-bought.

Cannot, will not go to a store and buy a complete costume. It isn’t my thing. My mom made every one of my costumes. It is family tradition, in a way.

Do any of you have any fantabulous ideas for a Halloween costume that is cute and clever and not too slutty but maybe has just a hint of slutty? I’m not really into the dead and scary genre and I have already been a unicorn, if that helps at all.

Lastly, I have a $1,800 tuition bill due next Monday. Do you want to foot the bill?


Laurie said...

Crazy, I am 4 days older than you. No wonder I understand you so well.

Sorry, I have no answers for you. But I think clothes in boxes in the garage is not the best idea. Could you store them at someone else's house? Meg? Lucy? Colin?

A said...

We're TWINS!

Maybe I will throw my shit at someone else's house. Not Meg's college apartment (4 girls = crammed to the gills with crap), not Lucy's (she and Chet are moving a month after I am), but maybe Colin. Or my Grandma...she cannot possibly say no to me!

Anonymous said...

I use Rubbermaid storage tubs to keep my clothes fresh through the seasons. I am glad you are moving back home. You havent been happy out in your apartment since you moved out there.

Mrs. Architect said...

I think you should dig out the 'ole jelly belly costume. You will be prying Colin off of you all night with that one! ;-)

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