Sunday, August 26, 2007

Why you shouldn't hold a grudge

I considered staying mad at The Girls.

It was bad timing to hold a grudge. I had to let it go.

Lucy and I had Dave Matthews Band tickets (Oh? The tickets that I thought were for the 4th row are really in the first row? Me likey.) for Thursday night.

Alexa is making her move to New York come hell or high water and we all (including April, who it really was good to see) went out for one last time at Our Bar.

Giving up the grudge was worth it. My weekend was why you let some irritations roll off of your back.

The DMB concert on Thursday was vintage Aly/Lucy. We tell ourselves that we aren't the squealing fangirls that we were during the road trips of yesteryear. But we totally are. It just happens to be that working full-time and (in Lucy's case) being married and acting the part of young adults has sucked the All Dave, All The Time out of our everyday lives. But not out of our hearts.

Some things never change. And apparently that includes me and Lucy, eyes bulging, giggling madly when Dave Matthews straps on his guitar and does his cute little dance.

I love that. I love that I can count on it.

Saturday night caught me completely by surprise. I expected to have fun with The Girls - I very rarely do not enjoy my time with them - but I did not expect to have the wind knocked out of my by the pure.asinine.silly.wild.bitch of a good time we had.

Each of The Girls brought her A game for Alexa's last night out.

It was an evening to remember, featuring my delicious flourless chocolate cake, a plethora of drinks, the gentle harassment of fellow patrons, a special appearance by Colin, our favorite tunes on the jukebox, ridiculous commentary about my chest, mozzarella cheese sticks and french fries, Jager bombs, and some really creepy and unwanted admirers.

Hopefully we can hold things together with Alexa gone.

We make quite the group.


Unknown said...

HOT!! I Love when you post pictures!

And good for you for being such a grownup. It's hard to let things roll off your back. But see how much fun you had as a result!!

Hey, do you have a Myspace or facebook account?

A said...

I have neither a MySpace nor a Facebook account.

I want both.

I am restraining, for now, because I am certain that I will immediately form a strong addiction.

It is only a matter of time. I'll let you know when I make the plunge. ;)

my life is brilliant said...

Good times! I love girls' nights out! Glad everything's good again.

Laurie said...

I'm glad you had such a great time with your girls!

I find it oddly funny that after reading your blog for 9 months or so, I still have no idea which one is you in those pics.

A said...

Oh! I probably should've specified, since I hardly post pictures.

I'm on the far right in the first picture and the far left in the second.

Laurie said...

Funny, I've always pictured you with dark hair.

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