Thursday, August 16, 2007

This happened a week ago; I’m still thinking about it

Me: So, Colin dear, how was that ridiculously stupid NFL Fantasy Football Draft that kept you too late and prevented you from seeing me?

Colin: It was okay. The guys didn’t understand that I had someplace better I wanted to be.

Me: ...

Colin: I took Terrell Owens with my first pick.

Me: Really?! I was T.O. for Halloween last year!

Colin: I know. That’s why I picked him.

Colin and I have been apart. And we've been on rocky, ugly terms where we weren't really speaking. But it's been really strange with him gone this week.

If I get nothing else - even during those stretches where our relationship is nothing and my heart is torn open - I get an email or a text message that mostly says nothing except "how is your day going?"

And, in invisible font below, it whispers to me a reassurance. "See that, Aly? I'm thinking about you."

Most days, it is a few dozen emails, handfuls of text messages. A phone call or two. We live far apart. We don't see each other enough. And he's still a very, very big part of my life. This week without Colin has proved that.

The silence is screaming.


Stace said...

How far apart are you? I thought you 2 lived close by one another. I guess I'm not as loyal as I thought. :(

A said...

Colin lives about 2 miles from my parents...but I'm about an hour away from them.

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