Tuesday, August 21, 2007

She is obviously a great deal cooler (and more talented) than me

You know what's really weird?

Seeing your cousin on Perez Hilton.


betsy said...

is it betsy from nashville? or LC from the hills? heeeeeeeeee

Stace said...

So tell me again who you are related to? :)

Lauren said...

Wait...what's the URL of the article that you're citing? Who is it? Hayden Panetierre? That would be awesome...cause I love Heroes. :p

A said...

No, no and no. And no, I will not (cannot, really) tell you who I'm related to.

She isn't a big-timer. I'll divulge my secret once she is. ;)

my life is brilliant said...

Is it Ariel? 'Cause that would be AWESOME! I wanted to be Ariel (literally) SO bad in the 3rd grade!

A said...

It's not Ariel.

But she is in theater.

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