Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An objective assessment

Colin is shorter than I prefer.
He drinks too much.
He works too much.
He’s an awful communicator.
He doesn’t call with the frequency that I desire.
He is messy.
He knows he is messy.
He doesn't care that he is messy.
He procrastinates like it is his one calling in life.
He’s weird about pretty much everything.
He is lacking in that male I Know Most Things About Most Sports gene.
He’s too picky of an eater.
T-shirts make up too much of his wardrobe.
He cannot cook.
He has all of the makings of an overly intense soccer dad.
He’s oddly sensitive to gentle teasing.
He doesn’t have the education he is capable of.
He starts projects that he doesn’t finish.
He’s injury prone.
He lets his job run his life.
He spends money like the frivolous bachelor that he is.
He knows everyone. Everyone knows and loves him. And thus I am forced to share.
He’s entirely too stubborn.

And, in my eyes, he’s still perfect.


Stacey Brandow said...

Ah, all too familiar. Not exactly but here...let me share since I could NEVER share it on my blog (husband reads and is also sensitive)...

He eats WAY too much and is not picky at all! He doesn't enjoy exercise and I live for it. He doesn't pay his bills on time therefore I have to pay them for him. He pouts when he doesn't get enough attention, however, he never did this before we were married. He has really, really stinky feet. After he does the dishes he doesn't clean out the sink (ew!). I also fear for our future male children...Hubs is a serious twice a week hockey player who will be coaching our children, I am sure of that.

See? And he's perfect to me. It makes them more cute somehow...doesn't it? ;)
Have a great day!

Stace said...

Hmmm. . . .I hate it when that happens, b/c then you eat up every word they give you. :/ DANG IT!

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