Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The internet is my BFF

A tragic event unfolded on Monday, August 13, 2007. My cable went out.

And when my cable television kicked the bucket, so did my home internet connection.


I called Comcast on Monday afternoon to report my outage. As it my luck, none of my neighbors had called in any problems. They would have to send out a repairman. And the next available service appointment Tuesday. August 21.

So pissed.

I definitely did not get to see The Hills. Nor did I get to check my email, read blogs, shop online, pay bills or download music.

This is not okay. I cannot deal without a consistent internet connection for any extended length of time. I am sick and I have addictive tendencies, yes, but I also pay exorbitant amounts of money to Comcast every month and I WANT MY SERVICES IN WORKING ORDER AND I WANT THEM FIXED PROMPTLY WHEN THEY ARE NOT.

A week without cable seems like a very long time.

After I went to the gym last night, I packed up my laptop and ran off to the safe haven that is Panara Bread for some soup, salad and internet surfing. I spent an hour or so reunited with my laptop (and it felt so good).

When I got home I figured out that if I have my laptop in my bedroom, squeeze myself up against the window, cross my fingers and recite the alphabet backwards, I can “borrow” an unknown neighbor’s wireless.

It sucks ass, but it will get me through Tuesday because...YOU CAN WATCH FULL EPISODES OF THE HILLS ONLINE!

I had no idea until I saw it posted at Perez Hilton and Pink is the New Blog this morning. Sure, MTV replays new episodes of their hit shows every two hours. But I didn’t want to wait until Saturday night when I’ll next be at Mom and Dad’s.

Oh, internet. This is why I am obsessed with you. Because you are peace, love and joy and because you bring me TV shows when I want you and because I can gank you from my neighbors without them knowing and you’re a really, really great way to kill time at work.

If only I didn’t have to get you from Comcast, sweet internet. Those filthy bastards.


Anonymous said...

When they get it turned back on, make sure you call them and tell them exactly how long it was out and demand that many days credit to your bill.

Cable is expensive.. you shouldn't pay for service you aren't receiving!

Laurie said...

I heart the internet too.

A said...

Oh, I am SO getting a credit on my account. I'm not one to complain, but when it's a quarter of my bill for the month, I think I'll step up to the plate. Damn Comcast. Assholes.

Lauren said...

Oh're so Comcastic. You always go out, your DVRs perpetually record late and cut off early, no matter how hard I try to get your recording settings right.

Your internet signal sucks, and your service leaves much to be desired. But's all part of being so COMCASTIC!

Paul Michael Peters said...

Comcastic is Suck-o-riffic.

I find that in the fall when students move into the apartments this tends to happen. If you know where your cable hook up is, you may find someone has helped them self to your active line... You need only to find your line and screw it back in.

I've gone many rounds with this jerks and they will not credit you for the time it didn't work until you ask for a manager. Even then, they will only credit you for cable and not internet cost. BASTARDS!

Next place I live, I'm going back to the Dish.


my life is brilliant said...

I'm glad you got to watch the season premiere online. Wasn't it AWESOME?!

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