Thursday, August 30, 2007

I expect I will settle down eventually

I like how
Since The Talk
(on Saturday night)
I am mostly, constantly, irrationally

That I’ll never hear from Colin again

Making it official has scared him away
In the past

(I remind myself that it is the future)
(I remind myself a lot)

I send text messages
And I hold my breath
I call
And I bite my lip

This is going to take some getting used to
And blind faith
And trust

Until I can fully commit
Feel secure
Open up
Intertwine our lives
Do it with abandon

It will happen
We are great
We will last


Stace said...

You 2 will last. You 2 have lasted this long. Now there is a title. I know it's SCARY, and it does take some getting use to. But you will both do fine.

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