Friday, August 17, 2007

Hurt Feelings

“I can’t go,” I told Lucy, when she invited me out with The Girls (minus April) tonight, “unless you guys want to meet me halfway.”

I have to work tomorrow. My parents are out of town. My sister is back at school for the night, attending some sort of high-class soirée (read: kegger). Colin is still at training camp with his team. Long before I talked to Lucy last night, I’d decided that I wouldn’t head back to the west side of town until after work on Saturday. It just isn’t worth the drive.

Lucy said that meeting me in a fun, young, town halfway between us and teeming with bars, restaurant and nightlife, would be fun. And Chet could meet us out on his way home from work. Perfect! She would clear it with the other girls and call me back.

She called me back nearly 24 hours after she told me that she would (this is typical Lucy behavior).

Colleen really has her heart set on [this new bar that is right on a lake near where we grew up]. She says that she really needs to be outside this weekend; she hasn’t had a chance to be out much this summer.”

“Oh. Okay. Well, you guys have fun.” So much for my plans. So much for rushing home from work.

“We’re going to go out around 7:00, if you change your mind and want to come home.”

“There’s not a chance. You all have fun for me.”

I’m disappointed.

I realize that I live a long way from the rest of The Girls. I realize that it is inconvenient. I know that it’s stupid for three of them to drive all the way to my apartment to see one of me.

I have never asked, begged, implied or otherwise forced them to come all the way out here. I don’t expect them to.

But I thought that once – ONCE – in the two years that I’ve lived here it would be okay for them to meet me in the middle.

I guess I was wrong.

Colleen wants to be outside. Colleen wants to be on the lake.

My friends just picked a location over me.

I think I have the right to be annoyed.


Laurie said...

You definitely have the right to be annoyed. I feel for ya girly. Eat something indulgent, you'll feel better ;)

Stace said...

Yeah you do! *insert really great advice here, b/c Staci has NONE* :/

Shelley said...

I totally understand your situation. I've been in Madison for 3 years and have a few friends who go to school in Chicago. They have never once come visited me in Madison. I have visited them 3 or 4 times out there. All the times I've had to take a bus out there since I didn't have a car at school. They've had a car to get to Madison for the past two years. They know they are perfectly welcome to come and visit... yet they don't make the effort.

It's definitely a shot to the ego when you're friends have opportunities to come see you but don't.

Shelley said...

and by "you're" I really meant "your"

my life is brilliant said...

I grew up living 20 minutes away from where I went to school -- and where all my friends lived. There was no halfway point. Very few of my friends ever wanted to drive out to see me.

I'd hear my girlfriends at school talking about this movie they'd all gone out to see. I hadn't been invited. "Well, we decided to go at the last minute, so you wouldn't have had time to get there," they would say. It always bothered me they didn't have the decency to not discuss the inside jokes and night for so long while I was there if they hadn't called me.

It sucks living far away. I'm sorry.

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