Monday, July 16, 2007

A tearful weekend

Stevie is hanging on.

He had a bad day on Thursday. His back legs would give out and he wouldn’t be able to get himself up.

He had a really bad day on Friday. He couldn’t get up. He couldn’t wag his tail. My mom called my grandma, who picked up some arthritis medicine from his veterinarian, and that seemed to help. He hobbled around okay after that.

On Saturday, he was decent. We took a walk down to the lake together. And I caught him sneaking to the front yard when I left him in the backyard for a bit. But the weather was windy and overcast – very indicative of an incoming storm – which always puts him on edge. Just as Meg and I were leaving for our soccer game, my parents came home from the graduation party they were at and he lost his shit. He was thrilled, actually, that my parents were home. And his legs all slid out from under him and he ended up in an embarrassed heap on the floor.

It was hard to see.

And my parents were both really upset about it. Meg and I held it together through our soccer game. We both cried in the car on the way home.

Yesterday, he did better. His hips and back legs are obviously still giving him problems, but he can get around.

I suppose that this is all coming down to an issue of quality of life. My mom, on Friday, was very ready to put him down. She doesn’t want to see him in pain, and I understand that.

But I see that his personality is still in tact. He’s still wagging his tail. He’s still begging for food. He’s still cuddling up to us in bed. And, personally, I don’t see how – without seeing the vet – she can know that this rapid downward turn isn’t due to an injury, rather than arthritis.

He’ll see a veterinarian early this week, not his normal vet but one who specializes in holistic as well as traditional veterinary medicine. I’m holding out hope that chiropractic work, acupuncture or maybe just some good ol’ fashioned painkillers can keep Stevie around for a good while longer.

It doesn’t feel like he’s ready to leave us.

I hope I’m right.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're right, too. ::hugs::

betsy said...

i hope stevie is just having a temporary arthritis issue. we give big-dog asprin after his walks lately (he's 10 and gets quite limpy after long walks) and they seem to help quite a bit...
hang in there!

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