Monday, July 23, 2007

A standard weekend

At midnight on Friday, I was standing in line with my sister to buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We elected to forgo the Borders experience for a less traditional (read: shorter line) outlet and we were back at home and in our beds (I was sleeping, Meg was reading) by 12:30 pm.

I’ve actually only read the first book in the series, which I picked up right after I saw the first movie. It didn’t do much for me (I blame it on my just having seen the movie), but I’ll eventually give the Harry Potter books another try.

* * *

I made Mom and Meggie baked oatmeal for breakfast on Sunday morning, substituting the shredded apple, which the recipe calls for, with banana.

Mom was impressed. I knew she’d like the baked oatmeal – a mix of many of her favorite foods and flavors – but I didn’t expect for her to purr right at the table. I was very pleased with myself, of course, because I will never tire of pleasing my mother.

Meg picked the banana out, finished her bowl, and returned to reading Harry Potter.

* * *

One of the most annoying parts of Monday mornings is how messy my desk is when I get in. Every employee who works over the weekend seems to think that it is his/her responsibility to put anything they do not/cannot deal with on my desk.

* * *

I went to the bar with Colin and one of his buddies on Saturday night.

Colin has some seriously fun, entertaining, hilarious friends.

* * *

Yesterday’s soccer game was way out in the boonies and it didn’t start until 7:00 pm. By the time Meg and I stopped in A2 for dinner with one of her roommates, I dropped Meg off at her car, filled Stella with gas and drove to my apartment, it was after 11:00 pm. And I had to unpack my car, stare at a sink full of dirty dishes with distaste, realize that I had virtually no food in the house and get ready for bed.

I didn’t get enough sleep.


Stace said...

I hate dirty dishes!

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