Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sin City, part 2

Friday, July 6
Friday morning was, again, a stop at the breakfast buffet. I put away a formidable amount of food, again, impressing all of my fellow vacationers. We went to breakfast somewhat late and we ate leisurely. Eventually, the restaurant swapped out the breakfast buffet for the lunch buffet and – voila! – crab legs. In massive quantities. In my belly.

I love crab legs.

Later in the day, we ventured to the Mirage. Meg – whose favorite animal is a White Bengal Tiger – absolutely had to see the Secret Garden/Dolphin Habitat exhibit. And it was her birthday, so of course we went.

After the Mirage, we took the tram over to Treasure Island. From there, our group broke up. Lauren, Liz and I headed back to the hotel (I wanted to go to the pool, they wanted to nap) and the others went off to the O’Shea’s Casino, which is unquestionably a low rollers’ casino with a laidback atmosphere.

Have I told you about how amazing the pool at Mandalay Bay is? It is a gentle wave pool and poolside is lined with sand, which makes it totally ocean-esque. There’s a lazy river and a casino that looks out onto the pool area. All of the beautiful people seem to be at the pool all of the time. Truthfully, I was neither tan enough nor beautiful enough to be seen there.

Aunt Lynn and Uncle Paul went home on Thursday night; Aunt Annette and Uncle Will went home on Friday evening.

On Friday night, our smaller group (only 8!) went to the Cirque du Soleil show La Reve at the Wynn. To put it bluntly: it was stunning, well worth the $140/ticket, and definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

We had a really late, really mediocre dinner at a restaurant inside of Mandalay Bay. We ate there primarily because it was convenient and we had $150 in credit because the housekeepers did a shitty job of cleaning both our room and my parents’ suite. I had a BLT. It didn’t do much for me. But not every meal could be like the one we had on Wednesday.

Meg reallyreallyREALLY wanted to go to a club on Friday night. Not because she reallyreallyREALLY wanted to go to a club, I suspect, but because she reallyreallyREALLY wanted to say that she’d gone to a fancy-schmancy Vegas nightclub to celebrate her 21st birthday.

So we sucked it up and we went. To Rumjungle inside Mandalay Bay. It was fine. The music was good. The club itself was very impressive. But, honestly, I really didn’t want to be there and after I paid $25 just to get in, I expected the time of my frickin’ life. Not so much. But Meg wanted to go. And it was our last night. And it made her happy.

Saturday, July 7
Saturday day was weird and disjointed, definitely your typical travel day. We got up late, packed up our bags and, sadly, checked out of our rooms.

Meeting up with Tessa and Anna at the Luxor, we decided to spend our last few hours lazily wandering around a few more casinos. We walked through their hotel and into the Excalibur, where we planned to take the walkway over to New York New York and have lunch.

Meg was hungry Right Now. She wanted to eat Right Now. And that is how we ended up at the Round Table Buffet.

Holy fucking shit. It was ungodly awful.

Not a wise choice at all.

The food was crap, the atmosphere was crap. Even the Jello was disgusting. Seriously. How can you screw up Jello?

There were two good things about the Round Table Buffet:
1. We could easily swipe cookies and bananas, which we stashed into our bags to take for snacks on the plane.
2. The food was so awful that we ended up in the most hilarious, side-splitting, uproarious fit of laugher as we talked about what the food would do to our insides. We were laughing so hard that we were literally rolling on the ground, falling out of our chairs, gasping for breath and (in Meg’s case) even gagging a bit.

We did head over to New York New York, where took a quick lap around the casino and stopped for drinks before we finally had to accept that our trip was nearly over. We took the tram back to Mandalay Bay, gambled a bit more, and headed to the airport.

The success of the trip still surprises me.
There were no major fights. There were no significant setbacks. Nobody was robbed, by the casino or otherwise. Nobody suffered through a flight cancellation or delay. And we all went home liking one another.

It was a good trip.


Kate said...

Sounds awesome.

I know I haven't commented a lot here but I have been reading!

I am glad you all had a good time and that Meg had fun.

In regards to Colin, good for you for being cool and taking care of yourself. Whether things work out with him or not, you need to learn that skill (as do I!) of not nagging people or asking them for things they should be doing already.

The skill you might need to consider practicing is not letting him be your "sorta" boyfriend. That is, be your boyfriend "all the way" when it is GOOD FOR HIM. I don't care what sort of problems he has or what he is doing in his "off" time but if this pattern that he has doesn't work for you and you're sick of it, you don't have to deal with it. Maybe it would work for someone else.

Have you ever considered the fact that you may be missing your Mr. Right, your "Prince Charming" so to speak because you're wasting time with Colin?

All I know is that it isn't supposed to be so hard to get along with someone. He either does what you want him to do or he doesn't. He either appreciates you or he doesn't.

If he's in the "doesn't" category, you move on.

That's what I say. Sorry for such a long comment and if it is rambling.


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