Monday, July 09, 2007

Sin City, part 1

While I could probably do a detailed play-by-play reminiscent of Lucy’s wedding, I will spare you the boredom and give you all the Cliff’s Notes version of our Vegas trip.

Wednesday, July 4
In order to squeeze in a shower before going to the airport, I had to get up at 3:30 am. That sucked. We picked up my cousin Liz en route to the airport, checked in, breezed through security, stood in a long line for a bagel. Cold, stale bagels in hand, we immediately boarded the plane (this due to the fact that, stupidly, my dad is not keen on arriving at the airport with any time to spare). And so began the 3.5 hours of torture that is air travel.

I ignored the chatty old lady sitting beside me, leaned on Meg’s shoulder and slept for a bit. I also fooled around with my iPod a bit, peeked behind at Liz, tried to keep conversation with the old lady next to me at a minimum, and felt generally restless.

Liz’s parents and her sister, Danielle, arrived from Los Angeles shortly after we did. Meg’s high school best friend, Lauren, arrived from Denver within a few minutes of us, too.

And we were off for Mandalay Bay. Our rooms, of course, were not ready (it was only 9something in the morning). We dropped our bags off with the bellman and headed off for the fabulous pool. We rented a cabana, met up with Danielle, Aunt Annette and Uncle Will, Aunt Lynn and Uncle Paul (all of whom were staying next door at the more economical Luxor), and spent the day poolside.

The heat was astounding. We spent the majority of the day in the pool, in the cabana, or sprinting from the pool to the cabana. It was way too hot to even attempt stretching out on the chaise lounges for more than five minutes. We took full advantage of Chaz, our cabana boy, and ate and drank a plenty. I cannot even imagine how much our indulgences cost my parents.

On Wednesday night, we had reservations at Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian, one of Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants. Our meals were absolutely fantastic. And the mere thought of the key lime pie I had for dessert brings tears to my baby blues. My parents picked up the tab for all 11 of us so, again, I cannot even imagine how much my parents spent on that meal.

While all of our grand plans had us going out on Wednesday night, it just didn’t happen. The sun and the travel sucked the life out of us. We went to sleep with the curtains open, watching the fireworks being set off in the distance.

Thursday, July 5
Our group – minus Danielle (who had to fly back to Los Angeles for work), my dad and Uncle Paul (who were stupid enough to elect to golf in the oppressive heat) started the morning at the breakfast buffet at the Mandalay Bay. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out, so I ate myself nearly sick. It was glorious.

When we were through, we headed to the Shark Reef exhibit that is right at Mandalay Bay to feed Liz’s fascination with sharks. It was a fun and relaxing way to spend a few hours out of the heat and away from the slot machines.

We went to the Luxor, where we did a bit of gambling before heading out to their pool. Mom’s friend, Tessa, and her daughter Anna (who is Meg’s good friend) were due to arrive for the airport soon and we wanted to be at their hotel (or, as it turned out, in their hotel’s pool) to greet them.

The evening was spent tooling around at the Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace, doing a bit of gambling and eating, looking around, doing the aimless wandering of vacationers.

Once again, we found ourselves exhausted at nighttime. We considered just going to bed again, but you could see Meg really wanted to do something fun. The group traipsed over to have a drink at a restaurant at the Luxor we’d been eying. It was closed. Meg was pissed.

As we walked back through the mall that connects the Luxor with Mandalay Bay, we came across a burlesque show/bar.

“I think that would be fun!” Liz giggled.

“Me, too,” I admitted. “We should go.”

So we did. Drinks and semi-naked girls. We didn’t stay out late. We didn’t get too crazy. But it was appropriately adult for a 21st birthday celebration. Meg was happy.

And that’s what the weekend was all about.


Stace said...

I wanna read more. I wanna go so I want to know what it's all about. :) Glad you had fun, or up to this point it sounds like it.

Plantation said...

Do you realize what you wrote? "We took full advantage of Chaz, our cabana boy." Gee, I have to get my mind outta the gutter.

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