Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Live 8

Plantation tagged me for this meme, doing so because I am "never at a loss for words."

What I think he meant was that I never tire of talking about myself.

Maybe not. Am I never at a loss for words? I've never considered it.

Anyway. Back to the meme at hand. The rules are that you list eight facts/habits about yourself and tag eight more to do the same. I'm not going to tag anyone - I recently did a similar survey - but I'll play along.

Like I could even resist the opportunity to write about myself!

#1 I have a really bad habit of changing in front of open windows. And every time I do it, I know that I shouldn't and that I'd be awfully creeped out to know if anyone was watching, but I'm too lazy to pull the shades or go into the bathroom or whatever.

#2 I'm currently rewatching my Footballers Wives DVDs, as I've already rewatched season 1 and season 2 of Grey's Anatomy this summer.

#3 I hate wrinkled clothes. I iron just about anything.

#4 Yesterday, my coworkers and I found out that my boss is about to start taking the Alli weight loss pill. We spend the afternoon Googling its, uh, messy side effects and then laughing hysterically about her possible anal leakage.

#5 I'm considering asking my cousin Anna (who just graduated from nursing school) to be my roommate after my lease ends in September. I have doubts. I'm afraid that I'll end up hating her. And I would only get to move, like, halfway towards home (which is where I'm planning on going if I don't end up living with Anna).

#6 I'm half afraid that my strong desire to always be doing and learning something new or different is unhealthy and I'm half afraid that I'll eventually lose that strong motivation.

#7 I check my email more frequently than any sane person should.

#8 It's getting to the point where I need to break out the Excel, plug in some numbers, get my credit cards in order and make myself a strict budget. My finances are a hot mess and I can't stand living like this. Because as fun as it is to splurge on a new top from H&M one a week, it will be much more fun to go to the 2010 World Cup or buy myself a house one day.


Anonymous said...

Is Footballers' Wives good? And why can't I find it on

A said...

Footballers Wives is good if you like bad acting and soap opera storylines that CONTAIN SOCCER. (I love that part.)

Not sure why doesn't have it listed, unless they don't carry British awesomeness on DVD.

Plantation said...

Thanks for playing. I always like to know what's running around in that mind of yours.

Caterina said...

2010 World Cup - now that sounds f'cking awesome!

I do # 1 a lot as well. Bad, bad habit ;)

Mrs. Architect said...

OMG #1 is TOTALLY ME!! I leave my windows in my room open so my cat can see out, and I am too darn lazy to ever close them. Then I really think about it and get totally creeped out, but next time i change...still too lazy to close them!

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