Friday, July 13, 2007

It feels like we just did this

It is starting to look like we'll have to put our dog, Stevie, to sleep soon.

When we got back from Vegas (he stayed with my aunt and her family), he seemed to have aged 10 years. He's having a hard time getting around. His hips give out and he falls over. A lot.

I guess we always knews that Stevie's joints would get the best of him. He has always played very hard, bounding up and down the hill and off the end of the dock after his tennis ball. He would run and run and run and run to the point of exhaustion. You couldn't wear him out.

He was bad yesterday and much worse today. Not only unable to get up, he couldn't even wag his tail. Mom sent Grandma to the vet to get some arthritis medicine and he's 1000% better, but it still doesn't look good.

When I called my mom to tell her I'd be home after work this afternoon, she told me that Stevie would be happy to see me. And that she mentioned that she was glad that I would have a chance to see him.

For the last time?

It was sort of what she implied.



Kate said...

Oh, Aly. I'm sorry for your loss.

Try to have a good week anyway.


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