Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting the ball rolling

Grad school is becoming less of a dream and more of a reality.

The Library Science program that I’ve been eying had an open house on Saturday morning. It didn’t take much to convince myself to go (“Self, it’s an hour out of your life. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be unmotivated. Unless you want to work in the same, sad, brain numbing job for the rest of your days.”), but it took a bit to convince myself to tell my mom about my plan.

There is something about admitting your dream to your biggest critic – who also happens to be your biggest fan – that is quite unnerving.

I slipped it into a conversation. “Oh, when I’m doing skating I’m just going to drop by this one thing to see if, I don’t know, maybe its something that I could be interested in.”

I went. I loved it.

When I got home, I spread all of the information out on the kitchen table for my mother to look over. I didn’t expect her to be as enthusiastic as she was – which, really, wasn’t all that enthusiastic – saying, “I think this would be perfect for you.”

She proceeded to announce my plan to everyone she saw over the course of the weekend.

At dinner with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Marie and Emma: “Guess what Alyson did today?”

Me, sheepishly: “I went to look into starting grad school.”

My Grandma the Troll: “Oh, honey! That is so wonderful! I am so happy for you!”

My grandmother’s reaction, made before she even knew what I wanted to study, felt so very genuine. She looked so elated – thrilled, perhaps, that I would not settle for a career inferior to what I am capable – that I felt, immediately, as though I was making the right choice.

Technically, I’ve missed the deadline for the fall semester. In theory, I can still get in. The program is getting a new director, he starts next Monday, when he’ll review as many applications as he can wade through before the start of classes. They want their program to be as full as possible, I’d imagine, so there is still a slight chance that I will be starting classes in September.

Otherwise? January. Which wouldn’t be so bad.

(Not to be cocky or anything, but there is really no chance that I won’t be accepted.)

I’m excited. Even all of the bureaucratic sludge that I’m going to have to wade through to get transcripts from three different schools feels fresh and new and maybe even a little bit fun.

And so we start another adventure.


Stace said...

Man I wish I were as motivated as you were. You ROCK! :)

Plantation said...

Congrats. Another new adventure. You're still very young and have plenty of time for a career.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm starting grad school in a month. It's weird how I'm excited to go back to school, I guess I like to learn. Good luck!

Amy said...

Woohoo, A!! That's awesome!!

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