Friday, July 13, 2007

The coworker finds a cosigner

Kevin's replacement and I work together every Thursday night. Because it is incredibly slow here during the summertime, it is generally just the two of us in the building. And we're bored.

I keep telling Kevin's replacement that I'll bring in UNO cards to pass the time, but I can never seem to remember.

We spend a lot of time talking. A significant bulk of that talking revolves around our crazy boss, customers we hate, pet peeves, making fun of coworkers and other inappropriate subjects related our unlucky professional existence. It continues to amaze me how my relationship with Kevin's replacement mirrors my relationship with Kevin. They are, in humor and personality, nearly identical.

When we aren't talking shop, we're still talking. Our personal lives, mostly. Kevin's replacement has a girlfriend he just bought a house with. He knows the entire Colin saga, the April saga, some of the family saga.

We're pretty good buddies these days.

Kevin has been talking about proposing to his girlfriend since he started working here in November. He's recently kicked his intentions up a notch, eying the vacation that they're taking in mid-August as the perfect time to give her a ring.

Realizing that he has a month to buy the goods, he applied for a loan this week. Denied.

He was glum when he told me about it, worried about his ability to secure the necessary funds and find the perfect ring in time.

At my suggestion, he called his mom to see if she would cosign on a loan for the ring. I stood at the foot of his desk as he slyly started the conversation with "so...what are you doing on Monday?" and continued it with, "will you cosign on a loan with me?"

"For a ring."

I swear I could hear his mother's excited "OH!" blast through the receiver.

She agreed, of course. From what I understand, she adores his girlfriend.

And that's how Kevin's replacement will secure the funds to purchase the ring to propose to his girlfriend.

It was the cutest thing to watch. He is absolutely giddy in love with this girl. I'm excited for him. And perhaps just the slightest bit jealous.

Of the whole engagement excitement, slave to love, finding that perfect someone to spend the rest of your life with. Not that Kevin's replacement is marrying someone else. Gah. Ick. Shudder. Etc.


Laurie said...


I'm jealous too, in all the same ways as you.

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