Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The black lab and the hippie vet

Stevie and my mom went to his new hippie veterinarian today.

I call him a hippie veterinarian because he specializes in alternative veterinary medicine – aromatherapy, anti-oxidant therapy, homeopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture. His location – in a very “free to be you and me” suburb of Detroit – adds to the appropriateness of his nickname.

Basically, as we knew, Stevie’s joints are shot. Nearly every one of them. He has played very hard for his entire 13 years and his joints took the brunt of it.

The hippie vet gave Stevie a shot of...something...which he’ll apparently get multiple times, which should help to lubricate his joints. He was also given a cocktail of vitamins and supplements and the like (in addition to the glucosamine that he’s already taking) that are supposed to do much of the same.

Stevie isn’t a candidate for acupuncture because his problems are so widespread.

Hippie vet may decide to give him magnetic therapy. I’m not going to pretend that I understand it, but I think magnetic therapy helps to reduce pain and increase oxygen flow to the site of the injury.

I think that this is an appropriate course of treatment because I am quite certain that Steve Yzerman (the former captain of the Red Wings and who Stevie is named after) underwent a wildly publicized course of magnetic therapy during a NHL playoff run.

The hippie vet also drew blood and it looks like, internally, all is working well.

The veterinarian may be a hippie, but it appears that he still appreciates the power and the value of his (hard-earned) money. I won’t be so crude as to discuss what my poor parents shelled out for Stevie’s visit with the hippie vet, but please trust me when I tell you that it was a pretty penny. He charges big money for each fifteen-minute increment – Stevie’s appointment lasted an hour and a half.

Not that money is an issue. Managing Stevie’s pain is the issue. At this point, it is merely an amusement to see how much Stevie’s treatment will cost.

I’m very hopeful, but I am trying not to be overly so. I understand that his treatments are not cures. I’m just happy that my parents agreed to take Stevie to this new, very expensive hippie vet. I like that they are being proactive. I’m pleased that my mother (who despite her career in traditional medicine most certainly appreciates the holistic kind) likes the veterinarian and is receptive to his course of treatment.

We’re giving Stevie a chance.

Truly, that’s all that you can do. And we owe it to him.


Lauren said...

“free to be you and me” suburb of Detroit...

The displaced Michigander that I am is hoping that you're not talking about Ann Arbor...but all things considered, I feel like you probably are. :p

A said...

Nope, not A2. Although he'd fit in just fine there!

(I lived in Ann Arbor for 4 years. Love it! Would move back immediately if I had the opportunity.)

betsy said...

i'm glad the hippy vet had some suggestions and treatment options.

here's to stevies rapid improvement!

Anonymous said...

What is the name of this hippie vet? He's a genius...

A said...

This is him: http://www.doc4pets.com/Meet-the-Doctor.html

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