Tuesday, July 17, 2007

American invasion

If you're looking to get me the perfect birthday present, I highly suggest that you purchase me tickets to one of the following events:

Los Angeles Galaxy at Toronto FC: Sunday, August 8.
Los Angeles Galaxy at Columbus Crew: Sunday, September 30.
Los Angeles Galaxy at Chicago Fire: Sunday, October 21.

I am suffering from a mad case of Beckhamitis. I caught the fever way back when Becks' signing with the Galaxy was announced, but it has reached heights. I blame it on that hot W magazine photo spread. And pretty much every picture that's been taken of him in the last, oh, 12 years or so.

I even watched the Victoria Beckham: Coming to America special on NBC. And giggled with amusement throughout. I like Posh, despite her perma-scowl and her unreasonably snug pencil skirts and her trashing ballet flats. I love ballet flats! ...and I love Victoria Beckham's new smiling, warm and cheerful, I love America persona.

Meg has also been afflicted by Beckhamitis. On Saturday, she put in her order for a Beckham jersey - a custom-printed, long-sleeved home jersey. Because she couldn't bear the thought of purchasing anything but the best.

I don't really need a jersey. I just need to see Beckham play.

Beckham is in America and I am down with the sickness.


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