Friday, June 01, 2007

Upon further reflection

I don't think I got the job.

If I didn't, it is because I didn't deserve it. I didn't prove that I deserved it.

I get tied up. I am not as eloquent as I can be. I'm nervous. I stutter. I forget to maintain eye contact. I start and stop awkwardly. And, sometimes, I just plain don't know the answer to the damn question.

It has been like this in every interview.

Maybe I'm just shooting too high.

I choked on the fucking writing test. THE WRITING TEST. I can write. This here, this blog you're reading? I wrote it. All by myself. And I could say I edited it, but I generally don't. Not the blog. But - trust me - when I do bother to edit, I'm really good at it.

But do I show that on the writing test? No. Do I prove that I have two brain cells to rub together in the contest of an interview? No. I come off as a blonde, babbling fool who couldn't write her way out of a paper bag. They must wonder how I got through college.

I didn't impress anyone today. It isn't possible. It didn't happen.


Bill Robertson said...

We never do as badly as we think we do. You probably still have a shot at this. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Unknown said...

Interviewing can be very intimidating. I too am pulling for you!

Amy said...

Interviewing really bites. I agree, though, we are our own worst critics. I will keep praying for this one for you.

Plantation said...

Like playing soccer or hockey,or skating, interviewing is all about confidence deary. Think about it. You know you're a kick-ass athlete and you're confident in your abilities and as a result, it transcends on the field, or ice.

Now then, interviewing is the same thing; it's just a different game (note use of your favorite punctuation mark). I used to be like you described, nervous-type. I never really had the confidence that I was a good interview. I lost some good jobs. But then, three things changed all that. One, I read an article once on how to prepare for an interview. The article listed several standard questions asked during interviews and said to write them down along with your answers and basically memorize them so they would become rote. Rote = confidence.

Believe me, it worked. I gained confidence that I'd be able to answer questions in depth with conviction and confidence. I can send you my list if you want.

Secondly, I changed my whole attitude toward interviews. I turned the whole fucking thing around and made it more about me then about them. I made it seem like, "hey, I can do handle your job now problem; so you tell me why I would want to work for your company." Sounds crass perhaps, but it's confidence. Make it seem like your choice not theirs, which when you think about it, it really is.

Three. I stopped giving a shit. I stopped treating interviewing so seriously and made it more about having a simple and casual conversation with some people.

You eventually have to find your own interview style with all of these things I mentioned and once you do, it's really a combination of repetition and confidence and attitude.

OK, have I said enough yet???

Plantation said...

No, I wasn't drunk when I wrote this god-awful sentence, " I made it seem like, "hey, I can do handle your job now problem;"

It should have read, "hey, I can handle your job no problem."


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