Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today is a list day

Things I will do tonight:

1. Yoga class
2. Laundry
3. Soak ankle in Epsom salt
4. Call my parents
5. Dishes
6. Watch a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy on DVD

Places on my body where I have bruises:
1. Right knee
2. Left knee
3. Left foot
4. Right shin
5. Right quad
6. Left big toenail
7. Left ankle
8. Left second toenail

I'm looking forward to:
1. Las Vegas, July 4-7
2. Payday
3. Sleeping in tomorrow morning
4. Getting a new job

Two cute things Colin has done this week:
1. Panicked on my behalf, because he (mistakenly) thought my soccer game didn’t have referees scheduled.
2. Called me at work just because, pretending it was to invite me out on his boat even though I obviously couldn’t spend the day on his boat because I was working and he knew I was working because he called me at work.

Chores I have been neglecting:

1. Getting my car, Stella, washed
2. Filing the nasty stack of bills that is growing on the floor next to my bed
3. Taking a trip to the dry cleaners
4. Putting away the stack of clean clothes on top of my dishwasher
5. Bringing my figure skates to be sharpened
6. Getting my hair trimmed
7. Calling in my prescription to be refilled
8. Vacuuming

Books I need to buy:

1. Love is a Mix Tape, Rob Sheffield
2. MVP: a novel, James Boice
3. Evening, Susan Minot
4. You Shall Know Our Velocity, Dave Eggers


Anonymous said...

Can you call my parents, too? I never call them enough.

Are you re-watching Grey's episodes or first time? I recently watched the first 2 seasons for the first time. When's season 3 coming out on dvd??! Love it!

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