Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This must be the calm before the storm

All is quiet on the So Midwestern front.

The most pressing issues of my week are getting further into the book that I am reading (Until I Find You, John Irving), making a dent in season two of Grey’s Anatomy, and making an extensive flowchart detailing outfit possibilities for Vegas.

I have just one soccer game in the next two weeks. The long break – due to the holiday falling in the middle of the week – feels foreign and unwelcome. Truthfully, my body could use the schedule-induced rest that I cannot bear to give it on my own.

Lucy and The Girls (minus April, who none of us have heard from since the scene she caused on Lucy’s birthday) have all been busy with travel and work and freaking out because their ex-boyfriends are engaged. I’m okay with the time apart from the group – there can be too much of a good thing – but I’m missing Lucy.

The halcyon waters of my life don't give me much to blog about. I feel like all I can do is spew the random all over my keyboard. Sorry about that. Hang in there. The disjointed nature of my writing cannot last forever.

Meg is home from school. If I’m not at work, I am likely with her. The girls in Meg’s core group of friends don’t come home from school these days. Unlike in the days when she was hanging out with toxic Jay the boxing coach, she has lots of time to spend with her big sister. We do a lot of nothing – relaxing on the deck, shopping, watching movies, taking Stevie out for ice cream – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Meg is such a character: she is sweet and wonderful and hilarious and confident. This is her last summer before she finishes her undergraduate degree. I have a silly fear that, after her graduation, Meg will instantly turn into a grownup who doesn’t have time for her big sister; I’m squeezing in all of the sister bonding time that I can.

My work schedule is changing for the remainder of the summertime. I am working a normal schedule, Monday through Friday, just like the regular folk! While having a weekday off is luxurious in terms of running errands and scheduling appointments and the like, it is lousy in terms of most everything else. Having two consecutive days off is, to me, akin to a vacation. I drive between work and my hometown less. I can stay out late. I work when everyone else works; I play when everyone else plays.

Speaking of playing: Meg's big 21st birthday bash kicks off in less than a week. Lots of people. Lots of plans. To call it a relaxing vacation would be a stretch. Just thinking about Vegas makes me appreciate the quiet of this week. It will balance the boisterous screaming of next week.

A little bit, anyway.


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