Thursday, June 28, 2007

The replacement player

Before I went to work today, I spent an hour riding a stationary bike at the gym with Kevin's replacement.

We've gotten to be pretty good friends in the last 8 months (I can't believe it's been that long!), but something about it still feels like I'm cheating on Kevin. He's my buddy. He got fired. Kevin's replacement was interviewed for the job well before my boss even booted Kevin, which still feels creepy and dirty and reeks of bad karma.

Truthfully, though, Kevin's replacement is just like Kevin. They have the same sense of humor. They have the same complaints about the job. Their relationship with me is essentially the same - chummy and teasing and gentle, harmless flirting.

While I would have loved to hold a grudge against Kevin's replacement until the end of time, it's much easier to be friends with him.

And a lot more fun, too. He's getting ready to propose to his girlfriend. We talk about rings. He has stupid friends in stupid relationships. We trade stories. We bitch about work, analyze our own relationships. We're friends, I guess.

I'm starting to think that its easier for me to be friends with guys than it is to be friends with girls.


betsy said...

play on playa!
(i second that notion that it is easier to be friends with boys vs. girls...) unless of course, they are your internet friends!

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