Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Maybe I should take this as a hint

Last night, I had a dream in which I was reading my email. I believe that officially makes me a nerd.

In this dream, I received an email from my cousin Mara.

In the email, she wrote something along the lines of: "Your blog is featured at [some random website that doesn't exist] and I understand that it has excerpts from what you wrote about the fight our moms got in. Just so you know, I didn't read it. I did notice that your syntax is very similar, almost identical, to Jason Mraz's."

Does this mean that I need to stop writing smack about my family?

Or does it mean that I should look into a career as a mildly goofy singer-songwriter?


Amy said...

that is so funny!! Perhaps you should take it as a compliment, (you're creative, witty and intelligent) and move on.

Now, about LUCY'S PARTY and all...inquiring minds want to know!

Shelley said...

Do you read Jason Mraz's blog? You just got some cool points for that. haha.

That sucks about Lucy's party. April sounds like spoiled brat. I hope the celebrating wasn't completely ruined afterwards.

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